John Deere 5104

John Deere 5104

Here we are going to discuss the John Deere 5104 detailed information. If you want to buy the strongest tractor that is unbeatable from your competitor then John Deere is the best option for you. John Deere produced its Model 5104 Farm Tractor from 2007 to 2011 in the United States with an open operator station cab. Speaking of dimensions and weight, this model weighs in at 4,023 pounds or 1,824 kg and is 70.5 inches [179 cm] wide, 132.3 inches [336 cm] long, while maintaining a 76.8-inch [195 cm] wheelbase. ] and a ground clearance of 16.5 inches [41 cm].

This tractor can fit 6.0×16 front and 6.0×16 rear agricultural tires. This John Deere 5104 is powerd by a diesel engine has 3 cylinders, it can produce 50 hp or 37.3 kW at 2300 (rpm), the fuel tank capacity is 16.4 gallons or 62.1 L. This machine has 4×2 2WD wheel drive system, 8 forward and 4 reverse drive system.

This tractor comes in both 2 wheel drive (2WD) and 4 wheel drive (4WD) variants. This John Deere 5104 will meet all the needs of the farmer. John Deere 5104 is the master for growing dry and wet farmland. But, if you use the John Deere 5104 4wd in wetland farming, then you can experience the true potential of this tractor machine.

The John Deere company always focuses on advanced technology, therefore 5104 tractors are capable of displaying mind-blowing performance. We are going to talk about the john deere 5104 hp, so it has 40 hp motor which is best for dry and wet farmland. The power steering on this tractor gives you amazing driving experiences on muddy dirt. This 5104 is capable of generating high support torque.

  • it has double clutch.
  • with seat belt safety.
  • the company provides under the hood exhaust muffler.
  • it has a front and rear oil shaft with a metal face seal.
  • 5104 has a long life with lower maintenance costs.
  • it can generate extreme torque.
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The John Deere 5104 is one of the best value for money tractors in its 40hp tractor segment. To offer maximum stability and comfort, the tractor is well designed with precise dimensions. The John Deere 5104 has dimensions of 3410 mm in length. John Deere tractor engines are also one of the most discussed engines among farmers. These engines are known for their fuel efficiency.

This efficiency is achieved through tractors of light weight, but strong build quality. This tractor has a dry weight of 1.8 tons. John Deere tractors are known for their low operating and maintenance costs and their universal applicability with agricultural and commercial attachments. This tractor is used for both commercial and agricultural purposes.

Main features:

This tractor is equipped with modern elements and a powerful engine that offers a total power of 40 HP, John Deere 5104 is one of the popular options among farmers. To offer this performance, this engine is linked to a 12-speed gearbox that has 4 reverse gears and 8 forward gears. This gear ratio helps to achieve maximum performance in the fields and also to carry out heavy tasks.

In addition, the John Deere 5104 has a lifting capacity of 1600 KG. The John Deere 5104 is a 2 wheel drive tractor that is powered through the 2 rear wheels, this tractor is also available in the 4 wheel drive option. In order to improve comfort and handle power, this tractor is equipped with oil-immersed brakes.

The John Deere 5104 is powered by a 3-cylinder engine that has a capacity of 2,900 CC. This engine is capable of offering a power of 40 CV. With a rated engine speed of 2100 RPM, this engine is regarded as a reliable engine by users. The John Deere 5104 has a side gearbox with a 12 speed gearbox. In addition, this tractor has a PTO power of 34HP at 540 RPM and a 6-spline type of PTO. For maximum efficiency, this tractor has a 6 X 16-inch tire setup at the front and a 13.6 X 28-inch tire setup at the rear. For long production hours and greater efficiency, this tractor features a 60-liter fuel tank.

Special features:

John Deere 5104 has a 1970mm wheelbase which helps provide better stability for on-road and off-road use. This tractor has a curb weight of 1810 KG, that is, 1.8 tons. The total length of the tractor is 3410 mm. These dimensions make this tractor an overall balanced tractor. This tractor is available with additional accessories for design and aesthetics. The John Deere 5104 is a rear wheel driven 2 wheel drive tractor.

  • Low consumption motor
  • Popular tractor model
  • Affordable service and maintenance costs
  • Easy availability of spare parts
  • Popular 40hp tractor

John Deere tractors are considered one of the best tractors in the tractor industry. As tractors are in increasing demand, the John Deere 5104 maintains great resale value over the years. This is due to the reliability of the engine and the extensive service network and parts availability. However, the resale value depends on the condition and hours of use. You can find the best resale value for the John Deere 5104 tractor, making it a good value for money tractor.

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John Deere 5104 Modifications

  1. John Deere 5103
  2. John Deere 5103E
  3. John Deere 5103S
  4. John Deere 5203
  5. John Deere 5204

The John Deere 5104 4WD Tractor is equipped with a powerful 3-cylinder, refrigerant-cooled, naturally aspirated engine that produces 45HP at a rated speed of 2100 RPM. The John Deere 5104 Tractor is equipped with an 8 forward and 4 reverse speed dual clutch neck gearbox for smooth gear shifting and convenience of operation.

The 1600kg John Deere 5104 Tractor Lift Capacity with Automatic Depth and Draft Control makes this tractor ideal for multiple applications such as automatic seeder, mower, thresher, MB plow, rotary cultivator, trailer, disc harrow and many more . The John Deere 5104 Tractor is equipped with a 3-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel engine with many convenience features not found in most other tractors on the market. John Deere 5104 has the powerful engine with coolant based cooling system.

Oil-immersed disc brakes and hydrostatic power steering provide better ride control and a comfortable ride for the operator. The John Deere 5104 is an excellent tractor for fatigue farming operations with an affordable price. The 4-wheel drive option is for more traction and more pulling power.

The modern and powerful 4-stroke, 3-cylinder direct injection engine is the most fuel efficient tractor in its class.

Every drop of fuel is burned efficiently and that fuel is converted into useful mechanical power. The driving force of the 5104 is provided by an oil jet below the piston is a specially designed piston system.

It constantly sprays oil on the piston and helps absorb excess heat from the engine. Increases engine performance and fuel efficiency. High operating temperatures also increase the life of complex engine parts and reduce maintenance costs. The 5104’s power steering is comfortable, smoother, and safer in turns for the operator while driving the tractor.

John Deere 5104 brakes are packed and bathed in oil for less wear and longer life. The braking system on this tractor is safe for any fatigue condition. The John Deere 5104 hydraulic system has easy hitching and use of run through MQRL (Mechanical Quick Raise and Lower) switches.

John Deere 5104 is a perfect tractor for massive agricultural operations on a low budget. Its performance, engine efficiency, power makes sense of modern John Deere technology.

John Deere 5104 Reviews

I have John Deere 5104 on 4 wheel drive. If the tractor is a 4 wheel drive. So the tires do not slip and there is no loss of time. Due to the power steering the tractor can take sharp turns. You can pull the reversible double bottom plow as well as the cultivator. This tractor can pull all the implements that are required by us, I personally recommend John Deere 5104.

Five months ago I purchased the John Deere 5104 tractor. I have driven this tractor for approximately 643 hours. This tractor is good for all applications such as rotary tillage and plowing. Gives good performance with the cultivator due to the draft sensor. It also offers good fuel economy in rotary tillage.

In addition to agriculture, I do vermicomposting, goat farming, banana cultivation and I also have a fishing business. We needed a good tractor and some tools for my job. Although I was approached by many manufacturers, I decided to purchase a John Deere 5104 tractor. My John Deere tractor was very useful for the vermicomposting production job. The tractor runs continuously without any downtime. If you want to do quality work, then you must get a John Deere 5104 tractor.

The best tractor is the one with a long clutch life, and the John Deere 5104 tractor is special in this regard. Not only does it have great fuel economy, but also our operator does not get tired. We saved at least 15 minutes in loading 300 quintals of sugar cane. I consider the John Deere 5104 to be the best for the load application.

The four brothers are proud owners of 5 John Deere 5104 tractors. Our main crops are cereals and soybeans. After harvesting these two crops, we also sow chickpeas and wheat. The tractor does not stall and has enough power, we even drive it in the mud without a cage wheel. There are no oil leaks and tire wear is minimal. And not only that, the tractor can be used easily and efficiently with all types of implements.

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