John Deere 5104 differential lock problem

John Deere 5104 differential lock problem Problems

I have the same John Deere 5104 tractor. Tell me why the differential lock is bad abruptly? How to solve the problem?

The broken diaphragm or the wear of the friction clutch of the discs. Requires repair.

We have John Deere 5104 tractor. Engine won’t start. Help me solve the problem.

Possibly this is a clogged fuel filter. Or the injection pump to lost settings.

Please help me. The engine overheats regularly. What is the fault?

Low coolant level – Fill the coolant and check the cooling system for loose connections or leaks. Clogged radiator grille and louvers – Clean. Clogged radiator – Clean core. Low coolant level – Add coolant. Cooling fan problems. Excessive load – Reduce load or speed. The fan belt is damaged. Change as needed.

My father has a John Deere 5104 tractor. Three days ago he heard a strange noise from the rear axle. What is the fault?

All the noises speak of bearing problems.

Please explain to me what is the fault if white diesel exhaust?

When the white gas visible from the exhaust pipe you need to carry out the replacement of the piston rings immediately. The engine runs cold, let it warm up and check the thermostat.

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