John Deere 5104 fuel/starting problems

John Deere 5104 fuel/starting problems Problems

I have a John Deere 5104 tractor in August. There is currently a problem. The motor does not start. Could someone help me find the cause of the damage?

Starter motor cranks engine too slowly – Diagnose starter motor and reinstall if necessary. Blockage in fuel line – Clean and flush. The filter element is dirty – Replace it. Worn Piston Rings – Need to be repaired.

I use the same John Deere 5104 tractor. I have recently noticed that the steering wheel turns badly. Help me find out what the problem is.

The minimum oil level. Steering column installed incorrectly – Correct. Defective steering pump. Hydraulic connections leak. Eliminate a fault. The power steering pump is broken. Install the new pump. The power steering is damaged. Install the new power steering.

Can someone help me why my steering wheel turns without resistance? How do I act to solve a problem?

Low level of hydraulic oil in reservoir – Fill it up. Steering cylinder defect – Repair. Power steering pump defective – Replace the pump.

Tractor problem John Deere 5104. Diesel engine is difficult to start. I need help finding the cause of the problem. What should I check?

The fuel tank or fuel filter is clogged with dirt. The head gasket is leaking. The cold start system has malfunctioned. Damage or wear of piston rings. The injection pump drive shaft is faulty. Water in fuel. Fuel too heavy at low temperature.

John Deere 5104 tractor diesel engine problems. Difficult engine to start regularly. How can I solve a problem?

Restricted fuel lines. Air leaks in suction lines. Clogged exhaust pipe. Low voltage – Charge the battery. Defective or clogged diesel injection nozzles. Filter clogged. Fuel shutoff valve closed. Open the fuel shutoff valve.

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