John Deere 5104 Hydraulic System Problem

John Deere 5104 Hydraulic System Problem Problems

The steering does not work on my John Deere 5104 tractor. What is a breakdown?

The hydraulic system has air. You have to get the air out. Low oil rate in the system. Pour completely. Power steering cylinder problem Check and repair.

Having used the same John Deere 5104 tractor. Why won’t the diesel start? How can I solve the question?

Improper valve timing – Adjust valve timing. High or low compression. Worn cylinder bores – Repair. Leaks between seats and valves – Need to eliminate leakage.

Problems with the John Deere 5104 tractor. I hear the engine pounding. What kind of failure?

This is a small residue of engine oil. Fill out. Too much bearing play. Injection volume incorrectly adjusted – Adjust settings.

Can’t find the reason why the front axle makes a lot of noise chronically when the tractor is running?

This is the failure of some gear. Replace gears. The bearings have crumbled. Change the replacement.

I have this model for about four years. Regularly starting the engine is difficult. What needs to be fixed?

The injector is clogged. You must check a nozzle. The fuel pump is malfunctioning. Install a new high pressure fuel pump.

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