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John Deere 5104 spec

You can get acquainted with the specifications & technical data of the John Deere 5104 tractor on this website.

The John Deere 5104 tractor is a 40 HP tractor done with great precision to govern the fields. It comes with a powerful 3067 cc engine to give you a superior driving experience. Not only this tractor comes with a great hardness, but it also comes with 3 cylinders to offer a great power, along with excellent resistance.

Characteristics of Tractor John Deere 5104:

John Deere 5104 comes with a simple / double clutch and this improves its capacity and makes it stand out in its field.

John Deere 5104 Tractor comes with an option to choose from the NA brakes that provide viable grip and also avoid slipping.

It has an exceptional mileage with a fuel capacity of 60 Lit that translates into more hours of work.

John Deere 5104 has mechanical and assisted address options and gearbox from 8 forward + 4 backwards.

John Deere 5104 is economical and affordable in the given scope of the prominent and subtle aspects. John Deere 5104 not only comes with a package full of detailed specifications, but it also comes with a very nominal price range. John Deere 5104 is full of performance full of power and carefully designed to satisfy all the needs of a farmer.

Technical Specifications John Deere 5104 2007-2011

5104—3029D Naturally Aspirated Engine
Observed PTO power28.09 kW (38.2 hp)
Max. engine torque157 N.m
Bore106.5 mm
Stroke110 mm
Displacement2.9 L
Compression ratio17.8:1
Firing order1-2-3
Slow idle800 – 875
Fast idle2475 – 2550
Operating ragne1200-2300
Injection pump timing14.2±1° BTDC
Battery12 V, 88 Ah
Alternator40 Amp
Starter12 V, 2.5 kW
Clutch typeSingle / Dual
Gearbox typeCollar Shift
No. of forward gears8
No. of reverse gears4
PTO speed540 rpm
TypeWet disc brakes
Pump output46 l/min
Lifting capacity1400 Kgf
Wheels and Tyres:
Front tyre6.0 x 16, 8 PR
Rear tyre13.6 x 28, 12 PR
Dimensions and Weight:
Total weight1800 kg
Wheel base1950 mm
Overall length3335 mm
Overall width1650 mm
Overall height (with exhaust pipe)2205 mm
Ground clearance365 mm
Turning radius w. brake2840 mm
Turning radius w/o brake3210 mm
Filling capacities:
Fuel tank62 lit
Engine sump8.5 lit
Transmission33 lit
HydraulicsCommon to transmission
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